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About The Artist

I pursued a career in makeup for a living because I don't just love it, I believe in it as a creative power to make people's visions come true. I believe that makeup isn't a mask but a piece of art and the face is a canvas.


What I feel sets me apart from most makeup artists is that I don't believe in limiting yourself to one category if you are truly passionate and dedicated to them all. So no matter if it's for the stage, a photoshoot, or film. I hope to bring to life whatever you have envisioned.


One of my biggest goals as a makeup artist has been to educate myself to be able to think quickly to come up with a solution if need be. I think there is nothing more impressive and exciting than when someone can turn a problem around in a matter of seconds.


I have dreamed big of my career my whole life and am ready and dedicated to being the best makeup artist i can be for you!

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